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Origins and beyond

I started to bake in 7th grade, with no idea what I was getting into, working with my mother (who has no concept of following a recipe), and opening up a cookbook only to realize that at our house at that time didn’t have flour, sugar, butter, baking powder, baking soda, etc.

(my face looked kind of like this)

Granted, I am the only one in my family who bakes so I should have seen this coming, but for anyone else who gets the urge to bake, you know it can be pretty disappointing when your lack of ingredients is the only thing stopping you.

Needless to say I now keep a 10 pound bag of flour handy and my mother constantly suggests we buy stock in butter.

My first few years of baking were pretty rough. My main cookbooks were a children’s book called ‘The Magic Spoon Cookbook’ (that actually came with a large plastic spoon with glitter on the inside and had each recipe being prepared by some sort of whimsical animal cartoon) and a cookbook from my Great Grandmother (with recipes that were very Eastern European in nature with a whole section on how to cook organ meats). Both of these books  I still have and will use for specific items, but when I first began baking it was the equivalent of a teenager deciding to read and the only books available are ‘The Potty Book’ or ‘Ulysses’.

I set up this business because when I’m not at school I bake as often as I can, but I’d rather cook than eat, and my family is extremely health conscious. I bake because (as other bakers or even other lovers of food well understand) I enjoy it and without a place for the food to go it’s wasted.

Still, this blog is not just to promote a business. I want to get in touch with other bloggers who share my passion for food.  I want to meet other people who know how to combine the art of cooking with the art of writing and make the magic that is food writing.  This initial post is a call to all those who believe in this magic and those who understand the importance of having these connections.


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