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In honor of a cookie baking contest at the GreenSpring County Fair, I decided to whip up my own take on the classic pinwheel cookie. The idea for these pinwheels was inspired by my favorite combination of flavors: lemon and blueberry. Whenever I come across this combination I fall in love and so in making my own recipe I knew what I wanted to work with.

The result? Lovely pinwheel gems which have a lemon flavored base with just enough of a tang to balance out the sweetness of fresh and organic blueberry jam. Made like a jelly roll, the lemon dough is rolled into a rectangle, spread with blueberry jam and then topped with slivered almonds to add a nutty crunch. Nothing can top these cookies in flavor.

This recipe won 3rd place in the County Fair Competition.

Each dozen is $6. I do ship packages, standard shipping rates apply.

Place an order through email: CherylsConfections21@gmail.com

Order through the phone: 203-459-0814 OR 203-583-6001

Or, send me a comment.

Ingredients: All purpose enriched bleached wheat flour, sweet cream salted butter, vegetable shortening, eggs, granulated sugar, pure lemon extract, non-aluminum baking powder, blueberry preserves, almonds, pure vanilla extract.


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