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It’s time for me to advertise for someone’s products other than my own. It’s time to share my reviews on new foods and brands I’ve come across with my fellow foodies and hopefully hear about your own travels into the food unknown and become inspired to expand my repertoire of cooking knowledge.

Wednesdays are now Product Placement Wednesdays so look forward to hearing about a product, with a good or bad review, every Wednesday from here on out.

For my first Product Placement it is imperative that  I give rightful praise to a yogurt company I had never heard of before my mom introduced me: Siggi’s.

Please don’t ask me to pronounce the name. It’s Icelandic and I lack language skills in that area of the world.

Siggi’s was created by Siggi Hilmarsson, who wanted to bring his Icelandic childhood back to life through reanimating the traditional Icelandic yogurt, skyr. Through his efforts, Siggi Hilmarsson created a deliciously thick yogurt, subtly flavored with agave nectar and other all natural flavors. I have eaten the Pomegranate and Passion Fruit and I opened up the lid expecting the watery layer that sits on a lot of yogurts claiming to be healthy for you. My surprise at the lack of liquid grew into a surprise at the lack of bitter flavoring.

I think I need to back up a moment and explain my relationship to yogurt if this blog is going to make complete sense. And to put it simply my relationship with yogurt has been one of disgust my entire life. Even before I knew that the kids’ yogurts were full of processed sugar and artificial colors, I could barely make myself eat one. The consistency of yogurt always seemed unnatural as if it were in a perpetual state of limbo between a solid and a liquid. I’m not a huge fan of milk, I hate cheese, and so yogurt fell into the category of calcium I needed but really didn’t want to eat.


I’ve been better about yogurts recently, although that is mainly because college life demands that I find edible fruit servings and yogurt smothered with granola generally does the trick. Still I generally don’t go out of my way to eat yogurt. Then my mom introduced me to Siggi’s. Without telling me how thick it is, without telling me about the intricate subtleties of the flavorings, she bought a few of them for the couple of days we were staying in NYC. Granted I did not get a chance to try the yogurt until a few days ago when the intrigue of a pomegranate and passion fruit combination stirred my interest. I opened it up, discovered the lack of liquid on top, added heaps of granola to cancel out what I was expecting to be the bitter flavor beneath the pomegranate, and took a spoonful.

I have never tasted a better yogurt. I could eat this yogurt without granola, it is that astounding on its own. If you haven’t given this Icelandic yogurt a try yet, your taste buds are missing out. Your whole person is missing out! It is healthy, natural, flavorful, and has changed my opinion about yogurt.

See you next Wednesday for the newest Product Placement!


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