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I grew up on apple juice. I mixed it with water to dilute the over-sugared taste, but I swear I drank apple juice by the bottle as a child, forsaking milk and calcium for a cup of apple juice and water. My dentist can tell you how well this worked out for my teeth.

So aside from needing apple juice for the occasional out of the norm recipes, I’ve been avoiding it since I got most of my adult teeth in. 

Except it does not help that I have a similar weakness for grape juice.

So why am I writing a review of an Apple White Grape juice? You’d think that a juice which combines two of my worst enemies (both of which happen to taste phenomenal) would be my undoing and that by the time I finish this Product Placement review I will have melted into a puddle of goo fallen prey to my addiction to fruit juice drinks. Thankfully this is not the case. Because thankfully I found Mott’s for Tots. This subset of the famous Mott’s company created Mott’s for Tots Apple White Grape juice that has only 15 grams of sugar which has about half the sugar of  Mott’s Pure Apple Juice which has 28 grams of sugar and double the calories.

The juice tastes great too. It’s healthier and it shows. It’s not too sweet and the blend of juices is a perfect combination of flavors where one is never over powering the other. Is it perfect though? Has a juice company really created the pinnacle of the juicing experience?

No. The juice is unfortunately made from concentrate with only 53% juice. Judging by the ingredients though, it seems as if the remaining 47% must be water because all the ingredients are pronounceable and are as follows:

Purified water, apple and white grape juice concentrates, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), natural flavors.

For 64 oz (2 qts) the Apple White Grape costs $3.49. Check it out if you’re interested in a healthy juice drink that is most certainly not just for tots.


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